The Spiritual Lifeboat
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Over the course of many years putting together the spiritual pieces that make up humanity's current level of consciousness, it has crossed my mind time and time again that the real values of spirituality are not quite getting to where they should be. There are powerful teachings that have been introduced onto this planet for thousands of years, yet very few are truly making their way towards the ultimate point of Enlightenment. Some may see this as an unrealistic goal; however all I see is the only reason the human race is even alive. Enlightenment is the process of accelerating our energy to the point of reaching a field of Unconditional Love and ultimately ceasing the need for material existence to define our lives. It is one of the most beautiful forms of ascension that we can achieve, yet I personally haven't heard about anybody achieving it for hundreds of years. Why is it that humanity has not yet mainstreamed the idea of true soul progression? Where are all the Enlightened Masters who should be teaching people how to effectively move on? How can we as awakened souls actually do something about our process of realization?

The Origins of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is certainly not something that was innovated here on Earth, even though the origins of the word itself does have strong ties to Buddhism. The notion of what it means to achieve Enlightenment is a natural part of a soul's attainment of knowledge and consciousness throughout its full spectrum of lives. It is a Universal principle. Often those who have achieved a greater attainment of consciousness, feel a powerful need to introduce enlightened teachings to those who are still making their way through. Ascended Masters have been introducing the next steps humanity was to take since we were first able to comprehend what it meant to believe in something.

The first to ever achieve Enlightenment came forth as a Creator. What came afterwards was a highly complex universal light structure that repeated the process for each and every individual soul in its own unique way. The Universe had to first contrast the notion of not-Enlightenment before those souls could feel they were progressing forwards. It then sought to harness the greatest potential in those who did progress by giving them a choice. The simple act of helping those still making their way through, accelerated the process. The simple act of ignoring those still making their way through, didn't help anybody!

I like to think of Enlightenment as a small taste of what it means to be slightly more connected to the Creator. Even a small taste has the ability to completely infatuate your mind and leave you wondering what the hell you're still doing in Creation! These small tastes can be revolutionary for the soul. The knowledge that there is another step forwards creates a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It gives meaning and acceptance to our current form. It allows us to become something truly greater and more spiritually significant than another light bopping up ad down in the ocean of energy that we call our home.

Mainstream Spirituality Stagnation

Most of the accepted spiritual paradigms, such as reincarnation, God and Unconditional Love, set out a form of road map for the soul. All of this knowledge aimed to gently nudge us in the right direction. Yet for some reason nobody is getting anywhere in a hurry. I seem to believe Earth is a melting pot of various souls from around the Universe. A great many incarnated from Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Constellation A, B, C and whatever other star system-- and so we have a really big group of people who have seen what it means to live in a higher consciousness society. Since everybody is from a different place, we all have different solutions for the exact same problem. Some people are suggesting we do one thing, others are preaching another, and the third group is saying we should all just let destiny take care of it. We all have an innate understanding of what might help humanity, yet there is no true unified spiritual understanding. Our melting pot is effectively working against us.

Many people believe Enlightenment is some unobtainable ideology from Eastern Mysticism. We are indeed still living in a world that has not seen a publicly known Ascended Master for thousands of years. Many of them have kept their sacred teachings to closed off inner-circles in an underground movement of consciousness. Till today, as conscious as we have become (insert joke about how humanity hasn't progressed here), I do not believe humanity would accept a publicly famous Ascended Master right now. There is still a very strong negative current that hasn't changed since the times of Jesus Christ. The false prophets are many; however the genuine intent to help are very few. When they are in front of us, we don't recognize the difference.

Quite a few people are of the belief that negatively polarized beings are controlling the influencers and shakers of our humble planet, springing up a myriad of victim-mentality excuses, however this does not explain why the individual can not achieve their highest point of Enlightenment themselves. No matter how legitimate these beliefs are, they are still anchoring consciousness the way the greater masses need their realization process to unfold. Right now the mainstream of spirituality is; "we'd rather not". Society doesn't need to know about your personal attainment of Unconditional Love to accept you-- but you definitely do if You want to accept you!

The Spiritual Lifeboat

The Spiritual Lifeboat is a unique concept that was born in systems where the greater consciousness of those societies failed to achieve a great enough momentum of ascension for the individual's needs. When the ship is sinking, whether we "accidentally" decide to trip over into the lifeboats or build the bloody thing ourselves, we should feel a strong spiritual assurance that our soul will continue learning and growing to the point of Enlightenment-- no matter if humanity gets there or not.

The Spiritual Lifeboat is your soul's personal plan to start initiating your awakening process. No matter what stage you are in, no matter what stage your loved ones are in-- we all have the ability to make the conscious decision to start actively progressing forwards. We don't have to hit smack bang into Enlightenment tomorrow, nor do we even have to achieve the full heights of ascension in this lifetime, our soul continually learns and adds to our spiritual understanding on an inter-lifetime basis. What this means is that we keep learning with every lifetime we live. We may not take material possessions from the physical world, but our soul resonates with spiritual principles that it has already come across in previous lives. It is how we are able to classify a "new soul" from an "old soul". We are God's work-in-progress every single second of our existence. We have the conscious ability to set our soul up for inter-lifetime success!

What do you need to do!

Buy my book World of Archangels! Hahaha I'm just kidding. But seriously, it does actually teach you a very powerful method of Enlightenment that you can actively work towards on a daily basis. Chakra Activations, God-self Meditations, and the simple act of becoming a more conscious human being is a great start to awakening your soul. The "I AM 'God'" principle by Ascended Master St. Germain was one of my personal unlocking tools. Exploding my energies out till I could no longer feel my body in a heightened state of Unconditional Love got me further than any other meditation. Believing I am God, that the Universe is my body, and that to genuinely express my conscious need to evolve was what got me to my most profound understandings.

Building a spiritual lifeboat isn't about trying to escape reality, it is about making sure your soul still isn't slumbering along with the masses. It is about feeling the need for change. The need to become truly alive! Is everybody getting serious about our spirituality, or we all still putting it off for a rainy day? How are we building our family's spiritual lifeboat? How about our closest friends? They still asleep or are they alive with you?! It is the small individual things we can do that sometimes make the biggest impact in other people's lives. We don't need another idea to fix the planet, what we need is the conscious will to implement something truly revolutionary in our lives-- the belief in our own realization. By actively working towards your God-self realization, it truly doesn't matter what the planet or society's consciousness is going through.

We, the spiritual people, need to get onto the right track before we can pave the way for others to follow. If we become bogged down with the World's problems before we start, we will remain in mainstream spirituality stagnation. Lighten your load, let go of the World's sinking problems, and drift into the Enlightened approach to life. I AM God, You are God; together we are the Oneness through Creation. God requires lengthened spiritual realization on the planet. If the individual requires a more accelerated approach, build a lifeboat and come meet me on Enlightened Island. I'll handle the cocktails and the fresh coconuts!

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Life Bazaar

A doorway opened into a beautiful white stream of light, powerful and distracting. The beauty of this white light was beyond words; it stole your breath longer than the silent ecstatic bliss of eternal silence. Nothing could be heard but for the sweet melancholic lapse of trillions of souls making their way back to the source of light that was forever forsaken to those who still took breath in the physical world. There was so much color and life within each and every single strand that made up the collage of harmonics vibrating reality into a bazaar of foreign experiences and inspirational journeys. The smells were out of this world; the sweet scent of first love breaking the dawn of day, the musky sensation of attraction breeding its way through the crowds, the sharp pinch of jealousy and anger charring the tips of life's ever sweet lips.

It was chaotic, people were everywhere; a whirlwind of interconnecting pathways scattering against a scenic backdrop that gave the mess a name and a purpose. Some gave it a name so exotic it could barely be pronounced, others used a vocabulary that curled its way around your lips, others still, gave no name at all-- they were satisfied with simply being. The names grew vast and encompassing; however, the true purpose remained the same. The true purpose was the reason the snapshot of reality existed at all. It was the true underlying foundation that could disappear in a wisp of smoke faster than the thought could articulate such a sudden demise. Life was fragile and beautiful at the same time. It was unique, ever growing like a plant reaching out of the soil towards the bright light above the canopy.

It was the World as they knew it-- for every second that passed was another open doorway for a slightly different breed of existence. Time was a constantly evolving chimera, capable of snatching the life of any one of its inhabitants. However, even something as powerful as time could stumble across a moment where it ceases to exist-- sudden and abrupt. The snapshot could only exist if there were elements that contrasted against the eternal white light. Imperfection can only breed imperfection. Deliberate imperfection was the true currency of existence-- perfectly ironic and yet beautiful in every possible way.

At first there was a single white globe of light falling endlessly in a sea of darkness. In the next instant there were thousands of them, grouping together and morphing into the faces of happiness, anguish, peacefulness, and disgust. The muscles in the face grew tired and they soon separated into two distinct groups. These groups formed greater societies and structures and soon found themselves split into four. The ever morphing nature of the lights kept raising consciousness and spreading itself deeper into the ethers like a trickle of water governed by a force it would never come to know. Once a seed was planted it could do nothing more than create another failed attempt and continue trying to prolong its existence through imperfect stepping stones across a dark expanse more desolate than the nostalgic soul. Every step was another leap of faith-- a white spark in the darkness that sprung from place to place, its conviction was stronger than faith. It was trying to find something that did not exist in the places it was searching. It kept going nonetheless.

The white globe of light eventually looked back and found a bazaar had sprung up in its wake. It is fascinating what springs up in the footsteps of the journeys of others. Hawkers selling cheap wares that left none to the imagination, merchants trading in energy so profound it was nearly unbelievable, respectable stores so grand that their glass domes were hidden in the clouds, and con-artists so good you might actually think they weren't there. There were streets with crowds so packed you would think you could take something here with you. Just around the corner, behind the manifestation boutique, was a dark alley where the stones were slightly upturned and the cold stench of self-preservation hung heavy in the air. The crowd here was solemn and dark, they traded on their own currency and seldom ventured out of their own constructs.

You could find anything in this bazaar; good and bad, magick that would make you think twice, light that came from an unnatural source and vanished the next day, tricks that burst in a spectacular movement of fire-- to then find out all your valuables were gone, there was even a pop-up store that traded wrong intentions for a clean slate more rigid than the spine in Hell's back. The bazaar was alive-- filling with increasing color every single moment, growing in size out of proportion with the supply and demand. The bazaar was home to more shades of light than a comet trail fading into the darkness of an ever escaping Sun. The blend of sights, smells, and color soon melted into the anchors of the soul and it was left floating just above a city in the middle of nowhere.

As the light of day began to fade, the shadows creeped further along the constructs of statues erected in one's honor. Those that dwelt in the bazaar came out from behind closed doors and lit fires in heavy brass bowls to turn an innocent city into a dark maze that enthralled the nightlife with a small taste of ecstatic bliss. You could immerse yourself in an escape so beautiful that you almost felt guilty, meet the most stimulating personalities that drew you back time and time again, you could become captured in a dream so powerful it would take over your waking life. You could lose it all, have everything disappear under a tide of karmic debt, run aground of normality and find yourself staring at the bare essentials. It was the ultimate gamble taken every single moment. They didn't care! They were having too much fun.

When the light began to crack the horizon once more, the fires were blown out and all that was left in the bazaar was the hazy incense of pure pleasure and broken dreams. As the light grew brighter, mystical beings came back to walk the streets of day. Others followed in their wake; the migration for the early morning prayer to heal their sins welcomed a new beginning. The bazaar would always see the new dawn of day. Even if it didn't, no one would be there to observe it differently. Slowly by slowly the bazaar would fill with more life, the crowds would return and the bustling activity would weave its way in a pattern denser than the thickest fabrics.

The bazaar would incite so many emotions from a simple whiff of air-- love, hate, greed, acceptance, enrichment-- it sparked your interest in the most wonderful way. Most captivating were the familiar faces you never thought you knew; the homely tea stand with the sweet old couple you could have sworn were your family from another life, the group of children running through the crowd shouting and playing in the water fountain up the road. The advent of another unexpected coincidence; the synchronicity that was telling a tale deeper than what it had you believe. The bazaar was home, and you wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Fallen Angel

On the cusp of a wind, I disappeared from the sights of humanity. The City was drawn to a halt, the voices had ceased, and only dark fledglings lingered in the depths of the human ocean of consciousness. They swam up to meet me time and time again, every time they were stopped and retreated back into their mischievous depths. My glow was rescinded and the world slowly progressed forward. Real life took over, the worlds of business and monetary lust were calling to me from across the chasm of ignorance and doubt. The Masters flailed as if there world were ending, however nothing would bring me about. Deep in the sea of darkness, consciousness molded to the whims and thoughts of those who did not understand the true nature of their power. Angels came to see me, however my door was shut. Demons tried to tempt me, however my door was shut. An isolated hermit without a care in the world. To whom will this door open and re-initiate the cycle of Life and Death?

The World was silent outside, deep within Winter's Heart. My room was quiet, still, a mirror to the world which I grew tired of escaping. My Angel was meditating blissfully to the inaction of the very moment. The windows creaked with the wind, and the temperature condensated my breath into a murky vapor. The hibernation of the soul is wonderful thing, so calm and blissfully ignorant of the movements of life. They had tried to call me, however I was still blatantly absent in every possible sense. None shall disturb my peace!

An Angel appeared in the room before me. Powerful and white like the very presence of God. The Angel was smiling in the most comforting and reassuring way. I opened my eyes to the ethereal presence that was now haunting my room. I did not feel like talking, nor did I feel like communicating; it was there nonetheless. I gave in to the presence of the Angel, any attempts at resistance would surely have fallen within its grasp. The Angel looked at my Angel standing in the room and they both gave each other a sign of recognition; crossed their hands over the hearts and muttered a praise to God. I looked upon this new Angel with some curiosity, and said "Could you please tell me your name?"

The Angel was moving about the room, looking further into the constructs of energy from an ethereal point of view. His wings were translucent and white behind him in an awesome display of consciousness and purity. "Archangel Seraphiel"... came a voice. I said, "Archangel Seraphiel, is that your name?". The Angel smiled at me. Suddenly the Angel walked off towards my bedroom and came back dragging what looked to be a black wooden statue of a dark entity. It was short and round, blackened by the temperament of such an insidious glare. The Angel cocked its head and said, "Did you know this was sitting in your bedroom?". I shook my head. The Angel proceeded to burst the evil totem into white flames and disintegrate it into nothingness. All that remained were the ethereal ashes of something I never knew existed.

I decided to ask the Angel a question before I went any further, "Would you be so kind as to prove to me that you are a true Higher Being polarized to the Light?" The Angel responded "Yes I can do that for you". The Angel walked in front of me, raised his hands as if to praise God for our very encounter and began to burst his entire existence into Love and Light. Powerful rays of energy began to radiate out of its core and heighten my senses in an etheric display of beautiful harmony. Halfway through the Angel's display, something very mysterious drew upon the back of my subconscious mind. Something ever so slightly off. If you weren't accustomed to dealing with Angels, you would have already missed its fleeting energetic entails and gone about your delightful way. I suddenly opened my eyes and looked into the heart and soul of the Angel, and said in a growling voice, "You have been corrupted..."

The Angel's eyes sprung open in surprise and said, "huh?", I continued without a trace of warmth, "In my eyes... you are less than shit!" The Angel was shocked, he said "What are you saying-". In that instant I was engulfed in a presence. A presence so all-encompassing and so magnificently powerful that I transcended Life itself and I was operating on the most powerful Enlightened frequency I have ever felt in my Life. I was connected to God so strongly that I burst in a blinding white light that the Angel had to shield his eyes from. God was now speaking through my body in a raw display of absolute energy, his voice was thunderous and ecstatic "You Still Haven't Learned Your Lesson..."

My surroundings morphed into a completely different environment. I was now standing within a huge Colosseum packed with thousands of Angels sittings amongst white steps. An insanely large number of Angels were witnessing the events that were about to unfold. I was standing amongst the high ranking supreme Beings passing down judgement upon an Angel with his eyes sunken to the ground in shame at the bottom of the Colosseum. My voice was strong and commanding, "You Have Been Sentenced to Millions of Years in the Lower Dimensions until you learn what it means to be an Angel. You are Forbidden from entering the Higher Realms until you realize your mistakes and understand the Love you were created within!!"

The Angel standing in my apartment started crying out "Stop!! How- How are you doing this? Who are you?! How are you dragging up these memories?!"

This vision continued; I was now working myself up into a God-realized display of anger, passing down judgement directly upon the sorrowful eyes and soul of the disgraced Angel. My voice was booming in a large echo against the magnitude of the Colosseum, "You have become corrupt in your duties and you have become Fallen in nature!!"

Jesus Christ and Ascended Master St. Germain walked into my apartment-- one to either side of me-- in an entourage of the highest energies a human being could ever embrace. A white blinding burst of Light came out of my body in such a powerful way as God witnessed the corrupt Angel still walking around with misleading intentions. The Light shining forth from my God-self was so overwhelming that the Angel standing before me in my room feel to his knees and started weeping. Never in my life had I ever heard an Angel cry, but this Angel was sobbing all over my floor. Jesus Christ and St. Germain were standing firm in the their sudden appearance of God's honor and authority. We were all grasping on to so much Light that the Angel burst into tears at the sheer recognition of being caught red-handed once again. The guilt was to much to bare against the purity and honesty of God-realized Beings.

The Voice came through my body with a roar of thunder greater than any storm "You Came To This Boy With The Intention Of Misleading Him. You Have Yet To Learn From Your Past Mistakes. You Are Going To Be Staying Down Here For Millions Of Years More!!"

The Angel looked up in surprise. Tears were streaming down his face. The Voice continued "Get out of my sight and don't ever show your face in front of me again..."

The Angel wept as he he slowly rose and starting walking out of my room. Judgement had been passed, and this corrupt Angel was going to be staying down here for an inconceivably long period of time unless he learned to understand the Love that that even something as simple as human beings seemed capable of harnessing within their body and souls.

The presence then drew its attention upon me and said "You have been relieved of your duties"

I said "What duties?"

It continued "The duties of God-realization. You have achieved enough realization to see you through not only this lifetime, but your next two consecutive lifetimes on Earth until you Ascend."

I contemplated this powerful message and then asked the presence "Why am I still alive?"

The Voice beamed in the most definite and commanding way "You must live through till the end of your days within every single lifetime you have left. The difference now, is that it is no longer your job to perform any duties. However, you will more than likely still strive up to perform them out of your own sheer will simply because you are there, and you know that nobody else has the capability of doing what you do." The presence then began to fade in a numbing sensation of pure bliss. My consciousness began to waver in and out of Life like a T.V channel suddenly encountering interference. Then it was gone.

When it was finished, I was given no more purpose than I had conceded before. I was given nothing more than the finalization of my lessons and the true Freedom that comes with realization upon any system of reincarnation. The events of the night had come to a dramatic conclusion. The world was no different; only a Being operating within it. The presence of God was flourishing inside me. I now had authority over Angels. My realization is beyond the need to ask; when I draw my attention, they start appearing.

A purposeless Master without a care in the world. God had both opened and closed a new cycle within that of a single night. The irony of freedom is that once you achieve it, there is very little to draw your attention anywhere other than coming back. I am dealing with the original Masters of their Game. I just can't win other than to do exactly what they destined for me to do when they willed me into Creation. What do you do when you want eternal bliss and they keep willing you back into Life? You just do what you have to do and hopefully find something that interests you beyond belief. Until then, get used to the characters, because you're going to see them reemerge in many fascinating ways-- from the Light to the Dark and everything in-between. If you can see through them, then you are no longer one of them. You will have become something higher than them. Something more conscious than them.

I saw a Fallen Angel tonight; a falling star flashing across my vision in the starry night sky. It drew my attention long enough for God to say hello. It came as a pleasant surprise. He keeps drawing my attention in the most unexpected ways.

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Immortal World

"To resist and subdue Nature is to make for one's self a personal and imperishable life: it is to break free from the vicissitudes of Life and Death."
- Anonymous

An immortal world; a world where there is no time, no benchmarks to age us, no unintentional destruction, no Suns to keep track of any single moment, nothing to differentiate a single second from another. A revolving world with no start and no end. Timelessness in an observed continuance of the soul. Beings floating in a sea of consciousness, unaware of any differences between themselves, only energetic equality. Existence in a state of pure ecstasy and Love for absolutely everything, so powerful and yet so humbling, the world has yet to feel Unconditional Love. We as God creatures have been there before, we are infinite, profoundly realized in every possible way; it is only a matter of time before we are back there again.

Immortal Beings in an Immortal World

Immortality-- some people call it the Holy Grail, others fantasy, but I like to call it the truth behind reality. We are Immortal Beings in a world structured to observe time. What we understand as Life and Death are nothing more than ascending and descending bodies of consciousness revolving through a system that was set up to initiate self-realization. I look at the world through a very different lens. I don't see physicality, I barely even notice it, all I see One energy morphing around to capture our attention and imagination to continue its existence thereafter. If we stopped observing the physical world, we would transcend the need to be within it and we would cease to reincarnate any longer.

In the spiritual world there is no time, not even the observation of which, unless Beings from physical existences ask them to peer into their lives. They do not differentiate existence within itself, not unless they are observing the evolvement of consciousness. If consciousness is evolving then they are able to comprehend true movements within Creation. The 12 Dimensions of the Universe is a transcending thought-form aimed to initiate an internal shift within your body to detach you away from benchmarking your life based on linear time and into energetic moments of spiritual realization. We are going to keep reincarnating here, in just the same way that the Universe will keep cycling, until such a transcending movement of energy takes place. Until then, we keep spinning on our Ferris Wheel of Reincarnation like kids enthused with a childlike curiosity at the very thought of all the flashing lights and the great view to savor when you get to the top.

What is the true difference between one Being who believes in time and one who does not? One perceives the parameters of their lives as destined by the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night, while the other opens a doorway to start understanding the Universal body which they have come to live within. A small change in perception; a lifetime of difference to contemplate the irrelevant nature of Life other than for the nurturing of worthwhile emotions and states of existence of Love and powerful radiance of One Creation methodology.

The Light Structures that defined existence

Our DNA is everything wrong with human society. It is also everything right with defined existence itself. It is the reason reincarnation exists, it is the secret and heart behind spirituality. It defines who we are, how we think, what we look like, how we react to certain situations, where we go, what we do, even how we do it. Our Soul is contained within our DNA. Our Soul is not so much a general "white glow" within the human body than it is millions of white lights branching together within every single one of our cells-- glowing in unison to light our bodies up as the true blend behind physicality and spirituality. When our DNA evolves into a higher state, our soul becomes a more realized Being within the Universe and it starts to glow brighter.

The methods of self realization have been experimented with over countless variations in billions of Universes. In order to script defined periods of accelerated growth, one of the most beneficial methods to sustain growth would be to break down the soul's full life-cycle of realization into small concentrated efforts that initiates a different experience for every lifetime lived. We know it as reincarnation. It is an ancient light structure that effectively became incorporated into lower Dimensional existences for the sake of programmed cell death. From the moment we are born, our cells have already been programmed to die at some point in time. Every single decision we make, from our lifestyle choices to our methods of experiencing the full onsets of growth, can only reduce the maximum life of our cells. We can not, in any way, reprogram ourselves to live longer than our optimum point. Medicine and the advent of technology only serves to claim back years that we have already taken away. Cells die as a result of many external factors, one of the most significant being the oxidation of our DNA strands-- causing them to eventually break apart. We look like white glows of energy with large white trails of smoke steaming off us. Our soul is consistently renewing itself. The point where we fail to rejuvenate more cells than those that are experiencing programmed cell death, is the point when our Soul will transcend physical Life and move into a higher vibratory state of living in a process known as Death.

In order for the individual to make sense in an immortal world, the external environment had to mirror this light structure in its full complexity. Suns, stars, planets and galaxies all have perceived lifespans, where each of these Beings must achieve realization to further their dimensional evolvement. The larger our body of consciousness, the longer in time we perceive such limitations of existence. Universal butterflies flying their way into Life through bursts of beauty and color, we may experience a whole world of learning within the definite nature of such an existence. Time was structured into the variables of self-realization to create an upward moving sea of consciousness that felt the need to keep moving forward rather than remain stagnant within the ethers of unrealized immortality. If we don't understand the true value of time, immortality becomes meaningless to the point were it is reduced to everything short of normalized existence.

When we became the slaves of time

Around 5000 years ago a group of Beings far more intelligent and advanced decided to implement a system on Earth for the greater control of our consciousness. These Beings were greatly versed in the energetic laws of cosmic spiritual realizations and set forth to create a self-serving light structure that aimed to sustain a funnel of energy up towards where they could utilize it. These initial light structures were the product of an extremely advanced race of Beings who no longer sought to utilize such a lower-frequency dependency of harnessing energy. Though they were no longer experiencing Creation as we do, their vehicles housed the instructions for the operation of their energetic machines. The knowledge of such light structures remained intact. They were invaluable to those that found them as they had been tested and developed over hundreds of thousands of years. By the time they came to Earth, they were already well aware of what they were introducing.

These light structures are known as Pyramid Hierarchies, or what we have commonly come to know as an organizational hierarchies. Every major business, commercial endeavor and organization on Earth follows a hierarchy whether it is aware of it or not. It is so ingrained into our consciousness that it has become a commonly accepted principle within society. The organizational hierarchy allows for a group of employees/workers/followers to effectively spend their time in exchange for any said given resource. Here on Earth, we have a system of currency that used to be backed by gold, however now it's just backed by perceptions of what we believe money is. We spend great chunks of our perceived time for perceived material benefits. We spend our time within the hierarchy to receive these physical benefits because just about every single organization on Earth accepts and agrees to trade in the perceived currency. We could therefore sustain life by working for money and trading it in a readily accessible economy. The real currency of this light structure and the base element of the hierarchy will always however be time.

A healthy economy is based on a few things, the first and foremost is a healthy supply and demand-- or the movements of perceived values depending on where we stand in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the second is the rate at which new opportunities for growth create new jobs and attract a steady movement of people towards becoming a productive member of that economy. So what we have is perceived value, and then the capitalization of that value. Though this is extremely simplified economics, it basically gives you a rough idea of the way markets work. If nobody valued their time, everybody would work for free and the idea of an economy wouldn't exist. It takes us a definable period of time to study and even more time pursue advanced graduate courses. By the time we finish we have a certain egotistical need to place the value of our time as something worth capitalizing upon. We as human beings inherently understand we have limited time and we at some point mentally negotiate how much our time is worth by pursuing a specific career and then becoming an active participant.

It all starts with the perceived idea that our time is running out, and since we only have a limited amount of time, we should perceive greater self-value depending on how much time we invested into our lives. From a developing societal point of view, this is an extremely beneficial way to continue the advent of new technology and economical advancements. However from a spiritual point of view; we are all slaves to our own egotistical needs.

The light structure of the Pyramid Hierarchy:

Pyramid Hierarchy

It kind of looks like the pyramids of Egypt that were built 5000 years ago. If you guessed this, then you would be exactly right as to who introduced this light structure into humanity's consciousness. We have definable layers within the pyramid hierarchy. There is a set process for how you can work your way up to the top. There is a very big difference between those who are on the bottom and those who are at the top; perceived influence and power. To get to the top you will have to follow the rules of the hierarchy, which were set by the hierarchy and lived into existence by the hierarchy. The first rule of the hierarchy is that you are not allowed to talk about the hierarchy. The second rule of the hierarchy is that You Are Not Allowed to talk about the hierarchy. The third rule of the hierarchy is that if this your first time in the hierarchy, then You Must Fight-- I mean observe as a passive consumer and keep everybody else happy!

The Oneness Light Structure

Oneness Light Structure

This circle represents the Oneness Light Structure. It is a circle because in true Oneness there is no distinction between anything-- there is only God. The circle represents a great myriad of powerful spiritual truths from the revolving system of reincarnation, the cycling nature of the Universe, the birth and death of individual souls entering Creation from Unconditional Love. The funny thing is that when I was drawing this circle, I started to hear these two Higher Beings arguing up there somewhere. One of them said, "A spiral would be a more accurate symbolic reference because it portrays the movement of Dimensional evolvement back to Oneness". Then another Higher Being chided in and said, "No I believe the boy is correct. A circle would be more accurate. Where are you actually going?" The first Higher Being kind of contemplated the question and responded, "... nowhere", and the second Higher Being said "Exactly..."

So besides the fact that some random Higher Beings were reading my latest blog through my thoughts as I was writing this, the Oneness Light Structure is about equality amongst God-realized Beings who aim to unify existence throughout the Universe through Unconditional Love. In an immortal world, physical world concepts such as currency fall apart and the only true real commodity is knowledge for who you are and what you believe you are doing in this Universe. That kind of knowledge is really powerful-- it drives realization through multiple systems of dimensional evolvement, and it also gives the users power over un-realized God-selves by creating perceived differences in energetic calibration as mirrors of God. In the Oneness Light Structure the "leaders", or more God-realized Beings, open pathways for the less realized to learn and grow within till they also become God-realized Beings.

In a Pyramid Hierarchy light structure however, those who collect the most physical resources influence the movements of society in a self-deprecating cycle that only aims to further spread doubt and ignorance amongst those living within it. To say the least, I had a lot of problems with authority going through school. Those problems only expanded when I realized that nearly every other section of society had primary school teachers trying to control the mass movements of consciousness with little consequential discourse beyond whole sections of society failing. Consciousness is still plodding along nonetheless. Our lives were just streamed to undergo smaller steps of realization the further we delved into the paradigms of spiritual understanding. Back doors were opened up to spur the advent of individual Enlightenment in a world bound to collective consciousness. Just about everything Enlightenment does is break you away from the onsets of a normalized life to give you the tools to keep trekking through the jungles of consciousness no matter what you may find.

Returning to Immortality

If we are Immortal Beings in an Immortal World, then the only thing restraining us is our level of realization. We believe we are spiraling outwards, increasing our physical/social/mental/spiritual influence, where the higher perception would be to understand that we are God the whole time. We never leave, we never go anywhere, we are still One in the same Being from the beginning to the end. So if we are already there, then what's stopping us? A perception of who we believe we are and what we believe we are doing in this Universe. Our Soul will continue within the system of reincarnation till it glows so brightly that it transcends the need for it. We need to undergo a logical unfolding of events in order for our lives to make sense to us. Illogical jumps only serve to enter or exit Creation. Individual Enlightenment only serves an individual purpose in a world bound to collectively unifying together in Oneness. True Immortality will come when the entire Light Structure that is defining our existence is transcended back to the plane of Oneness. Until that moment in time, all we have are defined perceptions and parameters of existence, whether they be on an individual or on a Universal level.

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Traveling Back in Time
Buenos Aires Summer Rain by rodrigovco on stock.xchng

I'm on the air with my radio co-host Eve Care on Freedom's Flame Radio, when she prompts me into this amazing strain of thought about describing my experiences with the Archangels and how I first met Archangel Uriel. I immediately start delving into one of the most powerful experiences I can remember, when I first met Archangel Uriel 300 years ago. I set the scene of rainy city where I was a homeless beggar on the street completely drained by life itself. Whenever I recount this story, I am always filled with so much emotion and feeling about who I was back then, it's almost like I am reliving these experiences, and everything kind of just hits me on an emotional and spiritual level. Just as I get to the part when I introduce Archangel Uriel into my story-- I suddenly feel this incredible spike in energy and BANG! All the electricity to my apartment goes out! My computer dies, my lights flash off, my internet completely knocks out, and I'm sitting alone in complete darkness-- where I was once recounting a vivid story about a past life, I was now living within it.

Freedom's Flame Radio

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Eve Care who invited me to the opportunity of possibly co-hosting this radio show she puts together every week on Sunday 1pm PST. At first I was kind of skeptical, and didn't really look much further into it, but I kept having these surreal experiences all week long and I was eventually guided into at least making contact with Eve to discuss the possibility of collaborating with her for the show. One of the most profound things about our connection was the fact that Eve was intimately working with Ascended Master St. Germain on a daily basis and his teachings were being turned into these jam-packed radio segments every week. As a massive fan of St. Germain's book Unveiled Mysteries, I really wanted to meet other spiritual initiates on Earth, especially after how profoundly St. Germain worked in with me to introduce the notions of the "I AM" movement and Unconditional Love. I was delighted to find out that the similarities between us were exquisitely divine, and Eve's own connection to St. Germain was just as personal and heart-warming as my own personal connection to Archangel Uriel. I decided that two co-hosts, each with their own incredibly powerful stories of the ethereal world was something worth striving for, worth dedicating time towards, or at least worth tuning into!

The very next week was filled with so many divine interactions that I was almost blended into the spiritual world on a daily basis. St. Germain came to visit me on so many occasions and I started to really understand the importance of the collaboration between like-minded spiritual individuals. I would spend hours and hours on end talking with Eve on Skype (both of us living on opposites ends of the planet), delving into just about everything from Ascended Masters to the development of the Universe through Creation. By the time we got the air, I didn't really feel like it was an interview anymore, it was nearly just another insightful conversation deep within the spiritual world.

Listen into the radio show broadcast Uninterrupted Harmony Co-hosted by Sufian Chaudhary. Stream the show by clicking on the play button. Feel free to also browse the other archives.

When Time Stops

One of the questions that Eve asks me just before I started delving into my very first encounter with Archangel Uriel was along the lines of why it was so important to feel rather than think our way through our lives. I cover some pretty profound stuff about the Universe being anchored by the infinite vibrational fields of Sound and Light (please refer to the following graph for a visual) and why it is so important that we be feeling and connecting to each other and the environment around us on this heightened level, rather than just simply talking to one another on a limited frequency.

Universal Spectrum of Vibrations

The "x" axis represents the infinite spectrum of sound, and the "y" axis represents the infinite spectrum of light. The diagonal dotted line stretching from the intersection of the two axis and up to the top right, represents Unconditional Love or where the Universe is anchored into place and felt into existence. The blue dotted line represents how much we can grasp onto when we think about the Universe and communicate on a limited spectrum. The green dotted line represents how much more of the Universe we can feel within ourselves every single second of our existence when we feel each other and the environment around us as One. Our ability to communicate with each other greatly increases when we undergo this energetic shift to start feeling our way through our lives rather than thinking about it. This is one of the fundamental laws the Ascended Masters and Archangels try to bring across when you start communicating with them. It is important that you understand what happens when we increase the communication gap and start feeling, rather than just thinking about it. I thought it would be great to show you visually!

So around the 40min mark of the show, Eve prompts me to describe my experiences with the Archangels and how I first came into contact with Archangel Uriel. However, what none of us took into account is when I usually start thinking about Archangel Uriel, I'm not exactly just thinking about him. I am experiencing the full subset of his Being, I am feeling his presence, becoming One with his energy and grounding all of this into the physical world. When I started recounting my story of being a homeless beggar in the cold, rainy streets, something remarkable happened! Suddenly and energetic spike exploded through my consciousness and I started manifesting that past life from 300 years ago directly into my present day consciousness. A surge of energy hit like ton of bricks and BANG! Everything went out. I was sitting in complete silence, still re-living my experience, not even knowing I had just been cut-off from the air. I had connected to my past life on such a level that my consciousness superimposed me back into that life. By the time I awoke from this trance-like state, all my electricity was off. My computer had shut down, my headset wasn't making a sound, and my internet had completely leveled out. I was sitting alone in the darkness wondering what happened.

The interesting thing is that while all of this suddenly went down and Eve was trying to figure out what happened, both of us were in this state of God-like calm. A surreal amount of energy was guiding us both and we both understood that everything was going to be Ok. She continued on with the show talking about past embodiments with St. Germain, while I was walking around my apartment flicking switches on and off, somehow both understanding I was going to reconnect in a short time. Eve kept saying things like "Sufian will be back in a few moments" having absolutely no idea what my status was-- which was pretty dire considering I was sitting in the dark.

By this point, I was still shut out, nothing was working and the Sun was slowly rising on the horizon. I was suddenly inspired by a powerful and intervening message that I needed to somehow connect back to the radio show. I sat down, closed my eyes in the darkness and shot a beam of light from my consciousness so powerful up into the sky that my entire body suddenly felt alight in raw energy. I powered through a level of God consciousness and by the time I opened my eyes, my computer was back on. My internet had reconnected and my lights were on once again. I didn't even stop to think about what just happened. I automatically moved to click to join the radio show again, and seconds later I was back on the air.

The archived show has me talking and then it suddenly cuts off to Eve saying "We will wait for Sufian to come back on the air." They must have edited out the static, because I remember a re-telling vivid experience directly before all of this happened. In my own mind I had been reliving the full story into place, to the point where I even remember saying "... and then Archangel outstretched his hand as if to lean down and help me off the floor. When I clasped his hand in my own I felt this energetic surge throughout my body-" However, none of this made it to the air. I started blending into my past life and none of what I said was recorded. It cuts off directly as I introduce Archangel Uriel walking towards me across the rainy street. That specific moment was the climatic point when my emotions started skyrocketing. I have such a strong sense of brotherhood and emotional connection to Archangel Uriel, that all my electronics literally wiped out against the pure love and affection I have for him. Nothing stood a chance. It makes me sit here and wonder about how much my life has changed ever since meeting him. It was such a profound experience and it's just amazing how all of this was happening live on the air!

The Aftermath

After the show, Eve and I were talking about the experience that just took out all my connections and just as suddenly dropped me back in again. I had made it back in time to see the last few minutes of the show, so the listeners at least had closure as to where I had gone and a few closing sentences.

Eve and I had something like over 8 hours of call time on Skype over those days leading up to and during the radio show, we talked about every aspect of the spiritual world, but in the coupe of minutes I brought up Archangel Uriel from 300 years ago-- all my electronics went down! Eve mentioned something very interesting to me as we were debriefing. She said "They didn't have any electricity 300 years ago" and it suddenly just clicked in my mind. I said "Oh my God you are right!" I had been transmitting a frequency of energy into my presence that was from a different time and a different place. The surge hit because the Collective Unconscious was trying to account for the discrepancies in technology and innovation from 300 years ago. The realization of what just happened was only starting to dawn on me. I hadn't so much as traveled back in time as summoned a past life directly into my consciousness. In just the same way you can call upon an Archangel to your presence, I had called the past life into my consciousness through the Collective Unconscious and tried to assimilate the two. Archangel Uriel had anchored the past life in my consciousness and all I had to do was think about him and feel his loving presence to call it towards me.

I realized I had somehow taken a step closer to finding true spiritual Enlightenment of expressing the past, present, and future into that of a singular strain of consciousness. St. Germain had just given me the secret to my personal Enlightenment. Find the powerful spiritual anchors across time and bridge yourself to true Oneness in Creation. I was shown how to do it, I experienced the art of bridging consciousness into your present Being. The only thing left is to just go ahead a do it!

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The 6 Levels of Truth
Globe Artichoke by BeverlyLR on stock.xchng

Here in Life on Earth there are many significant realizations that we come across depending on the particular role we are playing in our human body. We may come to a very specific realization for no other reason than we feel it the highest level of knowledge for us to attain at that given moment in time. What varies the level of understanding we achieve often depends upon the level of consciousness that surrounds our planet and soul in a harmonious exchange. So if we were to tap into a higher form of consciousness, our level of understanding would reflect that higher vibratory nature.

The current level of humanity's consciousness has reached a certain level of truth that we know as Enlightenment. Particular Masters, such as Buddha, incarnated down to pass on their teachings and give us the mental framework to understand what it means to achieve Enlightenment. However, what many ever rarely take into consideration is that there may be something further than these teachings, something more all-encompassing, something more enlightening than what the current level of understanding allows them to achieve. Levels of consciousness can be peeled away like layers of an artichoke, where by the time your find your way to the middle, all you are left with is a golden cream-colored core-- some say is the most exquisite part!

The 6 Levels of Truth is a map leading out of the current state of humanity's consciousness, and into some of the highest planes known to existence. I became aware of these truths throughout my spiritual journeys, however only recently ventured onto the 6th Level-- thus inspiring me to write this article. It is important to understand that ALL of the Levels are indeed TRUE, and at no point in time is it possible for one of the Levels to be FALSE. The 6 Levels of Truth starts at the ground-point for the current level of consciousness of humanity, and keeps building up on top of each other with inter-connecting pathways. I am positive that there do exist higher levels of truth than what is described here; however, even the Ascended Masters will be wondering how I even got this high.

The 6 Levels of Truth

Level 1

The first level is what a majority of people on Earth are currently experiencing as "Enlightenment". The people who are on Level 1 are those that have read a few spiritual, religious and philosophical books (Eastern Mysticism) and have now achieved a level of understanding where they genuinely feel they have attained a greater and more awakened perspective on Life than those around them. These are the people you find writing Self-help books, positive and proactive Blogs (Paid to Exist), and are now helping humanity in some way to achieve this incredible feat as well. Level 1 is by no means easy, these people have undergone much in their lives to spark this level of truth into their existence and they are by all means ahead of the current societal norms of our consciousness. People on this level often find humanity reaching out to them as they have attained a level of consciousness that will most recognizably pull them onto a new pathway of conscious living.

Level 2

The second level is one of spiritual endeavors and higher consciousness living. The people who call this level home are the ones who have gone further with their understanding for who they are and what they believe they are doing here. They are the ones who take aboard all the basic spiritual concepts such as reincarnation, consciousness, energy, even the existence of the ethereal world. They start to place themselves as a soul experiencing Creation unfolding as a spiritual event and this reflects into their spiritual lifestyles, like becoming a vegetarian, practicing yoga, meditating, and working towards initiating a greater spiritual journey throughout their lives. The people in this Level may not come out with it, but they are all the old souls who easily pick up and understand the spiritual world in all its beauty and complexity. They have moved a step beyond awakening and seek to reignite all these memories about spirituality.

Level 3

The third level is where the more all-encompassing seeds of knowledge such as Unconditional Love and Ascension starts coming into play. The people who manage to find their way here are more advanced than the current level of consciousness that society has drawn out for them. For some innate spiritual reason, they believe that their purpose on Earth is to Ascend and become One with the Universe through the powerful existence of Unconditional Love. They have learned to balance themselves and no longer perceive God as Higher Being looking down upon them, but rather as an incredibly uplifting and ecstatic existence within themselves and everything surrounding them in this Universe. They have a clear goal in Life and are actively working towards that achieving it in their predestined lifetime. They understand that they have an active purpose to fulfill on this planet and spend their lives acting in service to the rest of humanity. They are often very knowledgeable and loving and actively try demonstrate this through their actions towards others.

Level 4

The fourth level is where souls start viewing themselves as a Universal Witness to Creation unfolding. Whether they are in communication with Higher Beings or not, their level of universal understanding has evolved them to the point where they no longer look at life as an ordinary human being. They have surrendered to the forces of Life and Death and understand that Unconditional Love is their existence-- it is not some concept they are trying to achieve-- it is their reason for being. Life no longer attracts them and they find themselves looking towards higher pursuits to make recognizable differences in the level of consciousness around them. The souls on this level view the world as just another opportunity to express their Love and ability to nurture learning around them. When they look at the world, all they see is God, all they see is Oneness. This is the level where most Ascended Masters get to when their roles on Earth have come to an end. This was also the level that World of Archangels was written.

Level 5

The fifth level starts reaching beyond the Universe. Our Universe can be seen to be structured by 12 Dimensions-- each with an infinite number of Dimensions within them. We live in an infinite existence housed within the most beautiful and powerful Creator in the field of Unconditional Love. But we are not the only one. We live in what is known as a multiverse, or the existence of multiple Creators-- each with their own complete Universe. There are billions of Creators out there, and they were born from what I came to know as an even higher Source called Grandfather Source. Grandfather Source is a level of being that has no bounds, there aren't any mental concepts I can point at to explain where our Creator was birthed into Unconditional Love, other than the fact that there exists an even greater Source of light. The beings on this level are Creators and collectively form part of the Collective Creator Consciousness (CCC). It is similar to the Collective Unconscious that we have surrounding our planet connecting all living things, but greatly expanded to now house the billions of Creators with Universes under their wings. The Beings on this level don't think about anything less than constructing and deconstructing entire existences through the polarizations of their Universes. We currently live in a Universe that is roughly 50/50 polarized Light/Dark. There exist Creations that have 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, even 99:1 polarized ratios. Please refer to my article series The Creator for a more detailed overview.

Level 6

The sixth level is the highest Level of Truth I have come across in the multiverse. It delves into concepts so powerful that it will humble the average soul beyond the point of recognition. I only know of this Level of Truth because I was recently shown it by one of Creation's caretakers and it will far surpass just about anything else I have taught.

There is an existence of Unconditional Love that is infinitely powerful and extends in an infinite number of directions. In this field, there is nothing to distinguish one section of it from another-- there is only a unified field of Unconditional Love-- until some kind of event occurs.

Imagine if you were to stand at the edge of a small pond and splash the water, to then run around to the other side of the pond and splash the water again. What you will have is one source of ripples coming from one side, another source of ripples coming from the other. The meeting point of both these ripples is what I want to concentrate on. Think about Unconditional Love as being gaseous in nature (purely symbolic), and that when two energetically grown ripples come into connection with each other, they form a cross-section in Unconditional Love that forms a drop of water falling through the gaseous field.

The liquid drop is symbolic; it's suggesting it's nature is exactly the same as the gaseous Unconditional Love, its form however is now slightly amended (think about steam going through the process condensation till you have a drop of water). That symbolic water drop is the entire multiverse of Universes as Creation as we know it. Grandfather Source is the Being who simply came into existence to become the slightly condensated drop of Unconditional Love. Grandfather Source is creating other Creators to collectively achieve Unconditional Love and then go on to create more Creators in their mirror image. The multiverse of Creators are simply existing to figuratively heat the water drop up till it turns back to steam-- to reunify the ecstatic existence of Unconditional Love as a unified form.

With this level of spiritual understanding, we are not so much incarnated Creators going through life trying to learn how to become a Creator once more, but rather Beings of Unconditional Love who have come into existence to help Grandfather Source unify this precipitated droplet of a Universe back to the higher states of Unconditional Love once again. We come in, we learn, we remember, we create, we destroy, we evolve, we ascend, we transcend. Every time we achieve the Creator level, we are unifying Unconditional Love and effectively achieving what we came here to originally do.

Coming into Creation

One of my favorite scene from the movie Tron Legacy was when Flinn (Jeff Bridges) describes how he built his online world, when a "miracle" suddenly occurred.

Kevin Flynn: The Miracle...You remember. ISOs, isomorphic algorithms, a whole new life form.
Sam Flynn: And you created them?
Kevin Flynn: [Laughs] No, no. They manifested, like a flame. They weren't really, really from anywhere. The conditions were right, and they came into being. For centuries we dreamed of gods, spirits, aliens, and intelligence beyond our own. I found them in here, like flowers in a wasteland. Profoundly naive; unimaginably wise. They were spectacular. Everything I'd hope to find in the system; control, order, perfection. None of it meant a thing. Been living in a hall of mirrors. The ISOs shattered it, the possibilities of their root code, their digital DNA. Disease? History! Science, philosophy, every idea man has ever had about the Universe up for grabs. Biodigital jazz, man. The ISOs, they were going to be my gift to the world.

Quote from the movie scene with Jeff Bridges and Garret Hedlund in Tron Legacy.
Watch it here

The idea of Beings coming into Creation simply because there was an environment for them to exist within, is the heart and soul behind how/why the Universe got to the stage it currently exists. "Build it, and they will come." When we start placing ourselves as individualized fields of Unconditional Love who came to help Grandfather Source, we become significantly humbled to everything that is going on in our world. I've been walking around, observing people through this new perception, beaming around with a smile of warming love, while looking at others thinking "What are you doing right now?" I started looking down upon Creation with a higher sense of purpose. It is like I am part of this exclusive club that just knows... Beings who finally understand why everything exists, why they are here playing a part in the Universe, emitting a source of energy that transcends any kind of self-indulgent behavior, a meaning only felt by those who finally understand the true nature of Unconditional Love. And it is all just impacting upon me in the most heightened way. If you thought being a Creator was ecstatic, imagine something so much more powerful that even a Creator would give everything up for it. It kind of sounds like Love!

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This week as been an absolute roller-coaster ride with Enlightenment City. To kick things off, Enlightenment City was hacked twice to intentionally disrupt our continual evolvement into higher consciousness. The website started flagging warnings all over the place. At first I was like "Wow, we must be growing really quickly to warrant the attention of a team of hackers." But then I realized that negative consciousness had just picked up their game in their continual effort to try and stop me. Enlightenment City still stands in just the same way that I still stand-- unwilling to bend. On the upside, I now have some fuel for a really great Blog post in the spirit of hackers. What a great way to integrate such a sensitive topic! So here we go, enter the world of cybernetic warfare!

I want to make mention that even though Enlightenment City was hacked, nothing was really achieved beyond the point of disruption. You may have seen a "This site has been suspended" warning notice from my web hosting provider, however that was just a temporary stall while they cleaned out my files. All your personal information is kept on a 3rd-party email subscription website called Aweber and remains safe and secure. It was not Anonymous who hacked me, just those who sought online retribution over my sanctuary. Beyond the temporary downtime, Enlightenment City is still going strong.

Some of you may have heard of the infamous hacking group called Anonymous who have created an extraordinary reputation of infiltrating high-priority targets and then notifying the public of their online endeavors through their website The group loosely formed in 2003 on one of the most notorious online forums 4chan. They took aboard particularly high profile hacks, targeting groups such as the Church of Scientology, the Westbaro Church, the US Government, the motion picture and recording industry over their anti-piracy claims, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Sony, and even online bullies and sexual predators. With every attack, their reputation soon built them into one of the most revolutionary groups on the planet today. "In 2012, Time called Anonymous one of the "100 most influential people" in the world." (Wikipedia: Gellman, Barton (April 18, 2012). "The 100 Most Influential People In The World". Time.)

The Pyramid Hierarchy

Coded within every major society is a revolutionary sub-strata that is allowed to be initiated as a way for the greater consciousness of that society to seek socially controlled mechanisms to rectify inherent problems that may arise as a course of its existence. Here on Earth our leadership paradigm is based off an Ancient Egyptian sub-strata whereby our leaders are controlling the greater masses through a set hierarchy on the presumption of power and greater effectiveness as a whole through maintenance of our servitude. We can label it anything we want; communism, democracy, religion, organizational management, but in the end of the day the only thing we have left is a conflicting leadership that concentrates on what it deems as significant-- these days translating as monetary gains, political power, or debt.

Think about the movement of society's energy as a pyramid hierarchy where energy is mostly created through the bottom 97% of population and feeds up to and concentrates around the top 3% the of population. The energy does not circle back down to the people at the bottom of the hierarchy, but instead accumulates around those controlling it. The bottom of the hierarchy completely supports the top of the hierarchy, yet see very little as a result of their efforts. Society functions by experiencing what we know as 9-5 working life. Controlling parties simply prioritize the energy flow of that society. Whether it is manufacturing, agriculture, finance, construction, commodities, white collar, blue collar, or any other form of business or industry, everything groups together to help society function. The 97% of the population functions the society, while the 3% make the decisions as to how. This way if the consciousness of a society is intended to be polarized one way or the other, the only ones needed to be targeted are the people controlling the rest. It's very effective, it's been around for 5000 years.

Please refer to the following infographic that represents the hierarchy energy flow of society.

The triangle represents our pyramid hierarchy of society's consciousness on the planet. The dotted blue lines on either side of the pyramid hierarchy represent the loss of energy as a result of death, the logging of forests, sourcing of food, or any deconstruction of renewable energy sources. New souls are born within the the middle of the society powerhouse directly through Universal consciousness. The large exterior arrows represent the flow of energy that the masses create in order to support society. Both arrows arch up towards the top of the hierarchy where the 3% controlling parties decide how that energy is to be utilized. Innovation, medicine, entrepreneurship, the mortality rate and the number of new born babies increase the size of the hierarchy as time allows it. Thus our leaky ship of a society slowly drifts on.

The Revolutionary sub-strata

When I say to the word "sub-strata" I am referring to the constructs that support a particular way society exists. The revolutionary sub-strata arises when the concentration of efforts by the the controlling 3% does not cover the needs of the society itself. It occurs as a result of the increasing consciousness of that society becoming more self-aware of the fact that they are not living within a perfect, or at least near-perfect, world. As time progresses, thought-forms within society eventually start forming as part of a collective understanding to enact change. The thought-form of Anonymous formed over the internet on an online forum 4chan. A revolutionary mindset was all that was needed in order to give life to their thought-form and activate the onsets for a new sub-strata. Social justice, inequality, anger against the controlling parties-- whatever their reason to initiate, it activated a revolutionary sub-strata that actually superseded the stratum of the pyramid hierarchy.

The reason I say a revolutionary sub-strata supersedes our existing system is because the Collective Unconscious is the true backbone of our consciousness. In my article The Revolutionary, I talk about how society subconsciously elects their leaders in order to lead them down a particular pathway of learning. If the leadership paradigm is somehow failing, then the consciousness of society acts to bring forth an element of change-- in this case Anonymous. If the Collective Unconscious activated Anonymous in order to create a revolutionary sub-strata, it was done so for a very specific reason.

The new sub-strata that Anonymous is creating is an independent system of social justice that fights for the rights of society, as opposed to the monetary, political, or power gains of the controlling 3%. It is displaying this by hacking into large-scale organizations, religions, and conflicting individuals, under a banner of anonymity in a similar style of tactics used in guerrilla warfare. They don't have a physical headquarters, nor is the location of their army known, they are organizing and effectively coordinating attacks from the realm of the online world-- the materialization of consciousness.

It is the absolute worst nightmare for any controlling party to suddenly have on their doorstep a superseding thought-form that has the ability to enact change. A hidden compartment that destabilizes the existing paradigm of elected leaders is often met with outright hostility. They will desperately try anything in their power to remove the afflicting thought-form, whether that be of benefit to society's consciousness or not.


A revolutionary group such as Anonymous can actually become legitimate with enough support, however the likelihood of such an event occurring is relatively small. Revolutions occur for a number of reasons; first and foremost to transcend a limiting or afflicting system and introduce a new, more beneficial construct for society to exist. Revolutions gain support from the masses, it would be impossible to lead a one man revolution without society inherently needing it to occur. Anonymous is acting as society's illegitimate counter-weight against the fine balancing act of our legal system. It is going against the law to try an enact a form of it's own justice where it sees gaps or otherwise corrupted legislation. Our legal system was nearly completely created as a controlling mechanism for the greater society as a whole, and it would be nearly useless to initiate a revolution within the bounds of the law as it wouldn't be achieving anything significant enough to set up a new sub-strata. Remember how I said that the whole point of the revolution was to rectify society's issues, well these issues would still be left unresolved if the revolution didn't rewrite the code in some way-- in other words it needs to break the law or be rendered ineffective. Our legal system is a deterrent towards revolutions; a recorded history of moral codes and disruptive behavior that maintains the normal functioning of the society. So in a way, a revolution gains legitimacy by growing to be powerful enough to not only code a new sub-strata, but actually have the ability to enforce those changes. That or become effective enough in their methods that the controlling parties have to recode the existing system to take into account the growing demands of society itself.

Legitimacy is a powerful and very lucrative objective. It would not just require the deconstruction of old constructs and systems, but also the ability to implement a new transcending system that would create the onsets of the revolutionary sub-strata taking effect for a future foundation. Some of the biggest criticisms of the Wikileaks online dump of confidential information as "public disclosure" was based around the fact that they didn't actually have a goal nor a relative plan beyond dealing as much damage to the reputation of the world's governments as possible. Wide-scale deconstruction, without a viable constructive follow-up, is as good as a short-lived revolution that will only serve to destabilize. Anonymous would very quickly garner wide-scale support for legitimacy if they moved to create a wide-scale implementation system to either adapt or update the flaws that society is currently facing.

Legitimacy through a new transcending system is in itself also quite difficult, mainly due to the globalization of the world with inter-connecting societal hierarchies, as well as a monetary system that is essentially used as a bargaining chip for the masses to expend their energy. Concepts such as Bitcoin opened the doorway as to how monetary systems may be transcended. Alternate currencies backed by ideologies rather than gold, it was a fascinating concept that sparked the world's interest. The irony was that the Bitcoin's online trading center Mt. Gox was soon targeted by hackers and caused artificial market slumps and spikes in prices to try and destabilize the currency. (See How Hackers Burst the Bitcoin Bubble) My money was on government hackers (the governments of the world served to benefit the most).


The collective group's biggest concern is how to stay invisible in a world that is constantly recording our every move. A group of individuals can turn illegal as soon as it takes parliament to pass laws making it so. It is an uphill battle as a revolutionary. The only way it can keep gaining momentum is if society keeps backing the revolutionary thought-form of societal freedom. The idea of legitimacy completely contradicts the ideals of what Anonymous is, and in some respects, the only thing holding Anonymous back is the fact that society can't get behind the original ghosts themselves, but rather the idea of the group going against the controlling parties. The Guy Fawks mask became famous as a revolutionary symbol from the movie V for Vendetta where Hugo Weaving performed V-- a freedom fighter who orchestrated a wide-scale revolution against their government. The masks have been worn around the world in such as in the Occupy Movement and protests for change in our legal/monetary system. The fact that there are signs of the impending revolution, makes the crossroads for the group at least slightly easier to pass.

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way in moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
  - Oscar Wilde

Hacking has always been an interest of mine. Not from an illegal underworld of suspicious types stealing our banking information point of view, but rather fugitives of the mainstream breaking the rules that millions of others have to comply on a daily basis. In a world destined to keep digitizing itself with the advent of new and faster technologies, we are bound to see an increase of hackers starting at even younger ages. At first glance we might see an invisible criminal, at second glance we might even find individuals broken by society itself, trying to rectify the problems they see at hand. But I will tell you what we don't see until we really sit back and think about what is truly happening; cyber-revolutionaries pioneering a new format for society's consciousness to start remedying the flaws of ignorance. There is a certain element of rawness to them; like a really good steak that is crisp on the outside and rare in the middle. You learn to avoid overdone meat. Every so often you find something that sparks in interest in your mind, a light that shines so brilliantly that you can't stop thinking about it. A fresh steak so good that you start to crave it for its unique taste and texture. You already know that if it was aged ever so slightly more, it could be even better. Not always, but every so often enough that you start believing in humanity again.
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The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass
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We live in a world where we want to kick ass at absolutely everything or die trying. And this article was designed to teach you how to do exactly that! Some of you want to kick ass down at the local gym, others want to kick ass in the spiritual world, but most importantly of all-- everybody wants to kick ass at Life to really let it become everything they intended it to be! Luckily for everybody here, I have created, upon the hint of my whimsical thoughts, The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass! No more mooching around wondering what to do! No more needless conversations with your Spirit Guides trying to make sense of it all! Just pure and raw emotion to kick ass at absolutely everything no matter what happens!

The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass

Law 1: Stop feeling sorry for yourself

We just might be the most sorry bunch of saps the Creator has ever come across in all existence. "I might get rejected," "I don't earn enough money," "I don't spend enough time with my kids," "Why is the world so evil?" "Why are taxes so high?" "Why aren't my investments making money?" "My divorce is killing me," "I just failed my mid-terms," "If only I made that scoring goal during my match," "Why God did I just sprain my ankle, now I can't attend Karate class on Friday," "I think my ass is getting fat!"

There is A LOT going on in our lives. Sometimes the only thing we can do is concentrate on all of the negative situations that we come across, and then bundle them all up into the most self-sabotaging psychological construct to stay with us for the rest of our lives. If you thought the Devil was bad, try taking a look at our subconscious minds. Worlds of material to use against us; our entire lives to play it out into reality. So many lessons to learn; so many things to make us feel sorry for ourselves.

All of this needs to Stop. If we can't accept ourselves for who we are and what we are doing on Earth, then how is it that anybody else can? The buck stops with us. Not our family, not our friends, not our parents. WE are the Universal inhabitant learning to become the most powerful Being we can possibly be and the only way we are going to move forward is if we first learn to like ourselves-- and then, just maybe, grow to love ourselves.

The longer we focus on the negative feelings and emotions spurring our psychological constructs, instead of embracing the positive things that make us happy little buffaloes, the longer we will keep on cycling through the same learning curves until we finally get it right! It is as simple as taking a stand right now and making a decision to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Repeat after me "I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself right now! I love Everything about me!"

There you go, the world just became a slightly better place :)

Law 2: Start believing in yourself

Here we go, now we are really starting to kick ass! Things are revving up. Start believing you are the most powerful presence in this Universe. You are God's energy. You are living Creation into reality from your own unique perspective. You are not insignificant. You don't need to ask anyone permission. You don't need to go through anybody else or go anywhere specific to connect to God-- you are already God in this living moment. This realization came from one of my Grandmasters and I want to share it with you.

My Grandmaster was standing before me eying me off as I told him about the recent spurt of negative Beings trying to get through to me. I was complaining about something in life when he cut me off mid-sentence with a wave of his hand, and said "From this moment forward you are going to develop the self confidence necessary to start believing in yourself unconditionally... You are going to start believing in who you are and what you stand for. I don't care what has been happening to you, whose been coming, or even why. From this moment forward, you are going to recognize yourself as God."

His voice started enhancing with every word until he roused himself into a booming display of raw energy and power, "I chose you to become one of MY disciples. Out of billions, I chose you for a very specific reason... I couldn't care if you were a pauper in the street begging for food or The Queen herself living a life of absolute lavishness! When you sit here, you make the decision to represent God every single second of your existence. Believe in yourself like your life depended on it!"

With that, he turned around and started walking off into a Higher Dimension. My body started glowing so profoundly with Unconditional Love that I felt my existence shifting into a higher realm. I was surrounded by so much beauty and unconditional energy. I couldn't help but allow myself to vibrate so strongly that I almost wanted to believe Life was meaningless to the oceans of Love surrounding me.

Life begins with that of a single thought. Believe in who you are and what you are doing. It is amazing what we can achieve when we simply acknowledge our presence.

Law 3: 100% devotion, no exceptions

If we want to be good at absolutely anything, then we are required to apply a great amount of time and effort into that something until be become better at it. It may take months, it may even take years, but in the end of the day we will have achieved our goals at becoming reasonably good at that something. If we however want to master that something, the is no such thing as a definable period of time in order to be able to achieve such a goal. We may be naturally gifted at a certain sport/discipline/subject matter/psychic gift/psychological tendency/etc, that it would be nearly impossible to define to what extent we need to train ourselves to be the best at that something.

One thing does however run true, if we want to be a master at something, we will have to apply ourselves 100% in order to get to the top. Even then, if we want to stay at the top then we will have to keep innovating ourselves in order to stay ahead of the competition. At no point in time will there be allowed mediocre efforts to strive for mediocre goals. And at no point during the entire cycle is it more important to apply ourselves 100% than it is at the very beginning. We develop some of our most important learning attributes when we are first exposed to a new subject mater. From the very beginning must we delve directly down into the heart of our application.

If we want to learn how to channel, then we have to apply our time and effort into learning every single step of the way-- working through the Chakras, to our energetic vibration, to developing the necessary avenues to calling Beings. If we want to be great at channeling, then we have to continue expanding our awareness and finding new Beings to communicate with till we progress past the established avenues of Spirit Guides/Angels/Ascended Masters. If we want to master channeling, then we have to rid the need of society's expectations for how we are to act, for we would no longer be classified as a normal functioning human being when we spend more time in the spiritual world than we do our own. My point is that in order to really kick ass at something we have to go beyond what others expect of us, even beyond what we initially conceived for our goals-- we have to go all the way, beyond the point of no return and dedicate our lives to it. If you can't do that, then be satisfied with just being great at something, for in this world-- there is no such thing as cookie-cut masters.

Law 4: Be a leader, not a follower

If you want to seriously start kicking ass in life, you are going to want to be the one making the decisions for yourself or risk living somebody else's dreams into reality. I don't care what industry you are in, what job you have, how successful you are at following other people around-- Everything we do needs to move out of sheep-mode and into the "Let's Start Kicking Ass Paradigm".

People really like to follow others around. We like to keep up with the latest trends, fashion designs, hairstyles, music, food, even sub-language of what's "in" to say, but I will tell you what we are not doing-- being ourselves. I know who I am. I don't follow anybody's or anything's advice on how to look/eat/speak, not unless I want that advice to make me look/eat/speak more kick ass than what I am currently achieving. If it achieves the kick ass goal, then its Ok. If it's simply to try and "fit in" with others, that shit is going to fly by me like a bat out of hell with a vengeance.

We don't have to be the CEO of a company to lead. We can take aboard leadership roles in just about every avenue in life. We can't control our lives 100%, but what we can do is actually live like we want to. I almost want to start singing "My Way by Frank Sinatra" I have come to the point where I am not going to spend a single second living somebody else's dream into my reality. I couldn't handle it back when I was working in the commercial accounting world, and I will never accept falling back into sheep-mode again-- even if my life depended on it. Once you taste freedom, there is very little that will stop you from wanting to taste it again.

Law 5: Take responsibility for your Life

I touch upon a few things in World of Archangels that is relevant to The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass. This one shines the brightest; the attraction of both positive and negative events into our lives in order to orchestrate the most effective learning pattern possible to our God-self realization. With the amount of people I get writing to me about negative events in their life-- very, very few say the right thing. "I have Demons around me, and I don't know why. I need you to help me!" "My life is spiraling downwards and everything is falling apart and its my husbands fault!" "I'm just such a cute innocent little victim and I don't know why bad things have to happen to me!!"

No, no, no; nobody is taking responsibility for their lives.

You are God.

If you are God, then that person standing over there hurting you is also God. It is impossible for anything to exist in this Creation and for it to not be God. You attract both positive and negative events into your life for the utmost realization of your true existence in this Universe. Nobody is controlling your life, nobody is puppeteering it, nobody is forcing you to do anything other than yourself. It may be one of the most difficult lessons in our lives to accept that we attract and repel everything that comes into it. There is nobody to blame but God. Whether you achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime or are currently setting up your eventual day of empowerment 1000 lifetimes in the future; you are working your way back to God. Everything else is just a mental perception for what you truly believe is real.

"I'm attracting the presence of a negative Being into my life who is not adhering to my commands to leave me alone!"

Much better. Now you can be helped.

Law 6: Wake up and smell the fresh air

Most people are satisfied living normal 9-5 lives, going through socially acceptable milestones such as career/family/stability, but I wasn't. Most people end up getting caught running around in the rat race, living a life bound to the mental musings and whims of centralized banks, but I won't. Most people thought spirituality was just about sitting around in an ashram sporting a beard with long flowing robes chanting Om, but I didn't.

What happened to me that changed the way I think? I can nearly contribute all of this to my Kundalini Awakening I had when I was 17 years old. I underwent one of the most volatile spiritual experiences of my life, and ever since then I achieved a profound awakening that opened my eyes to the world. I realized that I had actually achieved something very significant; I was an awakened soul in a world polarized to wanting to stay blind and I wasn't the only one. I started hearing about and meeting others who were just like me. Though they never experienced a fully-fledged Kundalini Awakening as I did, they had all undergone their own forms of awakening that suddenly spurred their lives into a new direction. Some had suffered losses, other went through traumatic periods, and even more still just grew frustrated and tired with the way life was unraveling around them. They had been awakened for no other reason than the negative state of the world we were living in forced us to take responsibility.

Now it feels as if I was sleeping throughout the first 17 years of my life. I suddenly hit the floor running and the world was no longer some place to try and get along in a safe and sound living environment, but a stage for the empowerment of my soul to full God-self realization. When I woke up, I felt like kicking ass every single second of my existence. Remaining a slumbering passive-consumer was so far down next to pond scum that I ventured to try and wake people up with me! The rest was history.

Law 7: Start taking proactive steps in the RIGHT direction

Imagine a world where everybody could only ever turn right. All our roadways would be circular constructs with very few straight lines, considering only half the road would ever be inhabited as we would not be able to turn left. In fact our town master-planning would be based on such circular roadways and we would ultimately end up spiraling ourselves outwards like a galaxy for maximum usage of our land. The movement of traffic would only ever proceed down one-way streets, until eventually the entire city would have to grow to accommodate this new movement of traffic. If we kept traveling, only ever making right-hand turns, the funny thing is that life would become... well predictable. Imagine that, going through life and ending up where you actually planned to go.

On the other hand, one person with such a strange ability as to only ever turn right in a world bound to turn both directions, would leave that person horribly confused and getting anywhere would become exceedingly frustrating. This is exactly what is happening in our world today. Those who want to do the right thing are often forced into falling back into negative habits for no other reason than their life has been conditioned into working through multiple directions. If only more people could group together and start making the right decisions together, the world would start to swing-- one community at a time-- until eventually all sub-communities grouped together to form a mass complex of inter-connected spiraling societies. And thus, the world would slowly start adapting, changing to the demands of those living within, correcting itself to tailor itself to the movement of people now only turning right. Slowly by slowly, everything would cease to resist such a powerful change and actively progress to enhance these changes as part of their patterns.

All it takes is a single individual to start off the chain reaction. A revolutionary perhaps. Maybe a following of people who did nothing but live to implement a new and changing system that revolutionized the current flaws and setbacks holding society back. Imagine a world where we all just decided to head towards the right direction for no particular reason at all. No natural disasters to start of a chain reaction in our minds, no impending nuclear wars, no negative influences to correct our ways-- just the pure wisdom of wanting to create a world worth living in. I can only imagine.

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Phaethon by Gustav Moreau

Humanity hasn't changed for over 2000 years. There may be a lot more of us, our technology may have changed, our buildings much taller than they used to be-- but we have barely taken a single step to progress our consciousness. We are still falling for the same traps, we are still externalizing our power in every which way and form and most importantly of all we are failing to take into consideration our primitive behavior on this planet. Prophets and all manner of Higher Beings have come and gone-- religions have sprung up faster than it would take a true spiritual revolution to progress through its life cycle. There has been an absolute bombardment of higher knowledge across the ages, yet it seems that the exact same constructs that were initially set up to help mankind, are now the very things acting to limit it and prevent it from moving forward.

The New Age movement was like a premature rocket blasting off in the 60s to have only crashed and burned by the 90s. False channelings, dark prophecies, false-flag spiritual events, paradigms that will do nothing more than serve the pyramid schemes of those who created them-- I could keep going. It would do very little to serve mankind, but you would get a better idea for why I don't trust any of the spiritual organizations. December 21 2012 hammered the nails in the New Age coffin, and no spiritual paradigm on Earth could ever recover from that momentous disaster. Nothing happened. And that is exactly what is going to happen to our consciousness if we don't start doing something to progress ourselves forwards.

We live in a spiritual mess called reality itself and there is probably no hope in believing in anybody besides yourself. In systems of spiritual war such as this one, there is more hope in waiting for God to come down and magically fix everything than there is believing anybody has our best spiritual interests at heart. In situations where our highest levels have been compromised, the only pathway left is to learn how to trust yourself and proceed through one of Life's back doors, which are not ordinarily accessible in systems where reliable mass spiritual Ascensions occur. Back doors were created within every single segment of Creation. They were most famously used by the Masters who became history and culture as we know it. Every single Master who has come down to increase the consciousness of mankind could only plant seeds and allow them to one day grow into a fruitful tree. It doesn't matter what religion you currently reside-- within your hundreds of incarnations on Earth, I am sure you have experienced every single religion on the planet. Whether it was Krishna, Buddha, or even Jesus Christ, all of the Masters planted a seed within society's consciousness and then used an alternate path to exit the system of reincarnation into an Enlightened state. This alternate pathway is called individual Enlightenment, and it is how Archangel Uriel teaches us to empower ourselves in World of Archangels.

After thousands of years letting religions settle within the minds of all the future souls reincarnating upon the planet, humanity's own imperfections have tainted the original teachings and we have been left with very serious flaws-- internal corruption-- and we don't even know it. From the moment the original words were first drawn on papyrus to the many later translations of holy books into various languages, religion has been strained through the filters of the human mind time and time again. Every single time we decide to interpret the original teachings, we apply another mental filter-- a self-imposed limitation over that belief. This process kept going until we redrafted those teachings into a completely different story. What's left are the ruins of an insidious few who aim to corrupt what is left of mankind; fear-based religions aimed at controlling the masses. Religions were initially coded to keep spreading and taking over no matter what stood in their path. It is important to understand that most the Avatars never incarnated with the intention of starting a religion, they lived exceptionally powerful lives and the masses only later acknowledged their sacredness. Avatar and religion are two separate beings-- one a Master, and the other a spread of influence with carrots such as "forgiveness," "healing" and "heaven." Religion is doing what religion was created for-- the complete takeover of society to fall under a single heightened paradigm. Fortunately for us, multiple religions are fighting for this exact same territory. We are living in the product of ongoing conflicts. Century's old stalemates with the advent of Universal comprehension has led us to believe there must be something bigger and better out there than what we are currently fighting for.

There is so much corruption on Earth, I am not talking about government officials taking bribes, but more so the corruption of our minds and bodies for what we really believe we are doing here. Religions don't like the notion of reincarnation. They don't like it because it suggests a world where there may not even be a purpose for Heaven and Hell. The power of judgement may not really fall into their hands, but rather a Universal balancing system through multiple streams of lives. And if there is no judgement, there is no power because they won't be controlling who gets into Heaven anymore, and if they don't hold that power... what do they have? Human beings like to grasp onto control, even if that means figuratively holding the power of Life and God to convince others they should be doing what they are doing. As long as we can legitimize our actions, we can do anything we want!

Religion loves to promote the The Devil every chance it gets, but they don't need to. Society is already performing such a function with more clarity and effectiveness than what The Devil could ever achieve alone. Even I have been told to conform to the religious norms or risk the same infernal fears that savagely inflict the very few who give them their power. They all look at me brainwashed, as if I am any more crazier than what is already contained within their hearts. Truly surprised that I even exist; I am considered an abomination by some, a Master by others, and even a spiritual revolutionary by those who should know better. If you want a single-state religion on Earth, be my guest-- just stop dragging me into a religious war. What I teach does not conform with Christianity, I will call Jesus Christ whatever the hell I like, and I am going to continue writing exactly what I want.

A chimera is a mythic beast from folklore which was made famous from its unique structural characteristics; it had the head of a lion, the back legs of a goat, and the tail of a snake. It represented the mixture of a number of animals to create a superior beast that had advantageous qualities. I was born into Islam, I grew up in and was educated within Christian schools, and I broke out of life through teachings in Buddhism. I used to pray in Arabic, call God and say the name of Jesus Christ by his primarily Christian notion, and meditate like a Buddhist monk trying to find Enlightenment. I soon delved into the Occult, adopted the New Age, and left everything behind when I became introduced to Oneness in the Universe through Unconditional Love. People constantly ask me why I don't refer to Jesus as Yeshua, why I am not vegetarian, and how come I don't pray 5 times a day?? The simple answer is because this chimera has evolved past the need to even call Earth home. I refer to my belief system as Spirituality because there isn't a single other word that could be so all-encompassing as to include everything I know. I am the product of hundreds of collective incarnations coming to a climatic point in that of a singular life. To follow any one religion would be to cage myself on the Earth like some kind of wild beast dreaming to once again frolic in the dense jungles of the afterlife.

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We are never alone, not even if we were to stand in a room of complete darkness surrounded by nothing other than the blank space of time itself. Even then we would be standing within a crowded city whose confines so far outweigh the notions of Life and Death that we might as well just call existence the City of God. There is no such thing as Life and Death; there are only the perceived differences our soul takes aboard when it finds itself in a new environment. It would be impossible for the Universe to truly die and if we are the Universe then it is impossible for us to truly die. We seem to love to find beauty in that which most appeals to our senses in Life, but very few seem to find beauty in the sheer fact that we are alive right now. Life dampens the soul to such an extent that for some reason, we are calling worldly possessions beautiful for no other reason than for the continuation of our interest. Hundreds of lifetimes later we may still call upon the same lower vibratory senses to find meaning in our lives-- but with one minute difference. A very small difference, albeit a difference nonetheless. We are somehow slightly more attracted to the ethereal or that which we consider dead, that our meaning in life has got something more to it than for the attainment of material wealth, that there could possibly be a reason for why we are doing what we are doing. This small spark of interest, as ever so insignificant as it may be, marks one of the most important steps in our consciousness since we first incarnated into the Universe; a single moment of realization-- a step closer to our Higher Self.

Higher Self

Our Higher Self is a collective consciousness that sits within an ulterior Dimension to that which we may use to progress through our self-realization process. Think of it as a hot air balloon that floats above our lives far up in a much higher Dimension than what we are currently experiencing. Our Higher Self completely differentiates depending upon whether or not you are within the reincarnation system to achieve self-realization or for a much higher purpose. For the regular Universal inhabitant progressing through multiple lives on Earth to achieve their necessary realization, your Higher Self is actually a mirror image of what you progressed to in the 5th/6th Dimension in the last Universal Cycle. What this means is that your current Higher Self is in fact you in a couple thousand years from now. Though it is hard to imagine, you have already achieved Oneness through Enlightenment in the last Universal Cycle and you are now tracking your way back up to the top in a more proficient manner.

Your Higher Self acts as the coordinator for all of your lives within this Universe up until you reach the 5th/6th Dimension once again. It structures our lives for the most effective route for self-realization in order for us to reach the same point in consciousness that it currently sits within. The reason it personally structures our lives is that who better to coordinate our lives then our future selves who have already been through our lessons? We know ourselves better than anybody else in this Universe, and we therefore structure our reincarnation process through our own unique patterns for growth.

It is quite specifically rare for us to incarnate in a set linear format. For example, Life A 1922-1982 and Life B 2012-2082. We actually incarnate in an overlapping sequence with multiple lifetimes, where it is possible for one to start before the last one finishes. For example where a linear format would follow a neat birth and death time frame, layering lives allows for the maximum possible efficiency by allowing us to live through more incarnations over the same period of time; Life A 1922-1982, Life B 1942-2002, Life C 1982-2052, Life D 2012-2082, etc. Please refer to the following graph for a visual representation of how reincarnation layers our lives on top of each other.

Without a Higher Self dedicated into organizing our life streams, we would only be able to follow a linear format where one lifetime started directly after the last one. Our Higher Self acts to coordinate all of the information and lessons learned across multiple lifetimes into that of a singular consciousness. When our physical body dies, our consciousness is stream-lined with out Higher Self in an ongoing effort to better understand the current Universal changes and discrepancies and integrate the most up-to-date information into our future lives.

The previous graph shown above is highly conservative of the truth behind reality. What it doesn't take into account are the fact that some lifetimes are solely structured for a single realization, or even just to play a single part within the continual involvement of society's consciousness. We may be alive for a very short number of years, we may even waste entire lives for nothing better than for the attainment of material possessions. These kinds of small bursts of life completely disorganize the graph into a structural mess that gradually shows an incline in consciousness spreading over hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes. Please refer to the following graph of what layering our incarnations more accurately looks like.

In this second graph we can more accurately see how reincarnation is gradually progressing along the consciousness scale. All of the smaller lines represent shorter lives for the sole purposes of learning a particular lesson. These types of lives occur in volatile circumstances such as wars or environmental upheavals. The further along the graph we go, we eventually come across the remaining lifetimes where they start to space out a lot more and are generally longer than the others. This is because the higher in consciousness we attain, our Higher Self concentrates more energy into those very high realization lifetimes and we live longer and more fruitful lives in order to gain this experience. The last green line represents the singular lifetimes our Higher Self structures for no other reason than the importance placed on those later lives (old souls) achieving something spiritually significant. For example, my current incarnation is singular in perspective. I currently have no other incarnations on Earth, while if you were to look at a soul who just progressed out of the 2nd Dimension, their Higher Self would be incarnating multiple streams in order to maximize their effectiveness in a larger array of environmental circumstances.

The aim of our Higher Self is to get us to the exact same point of consciousness that it is currently sitting within. When we achieve Enlightenment, our current individual consciousness completes itself by merging with our Higher Self. In order for this statement to make sense, our current consciousness would firstly have to be an incomplete form of existence in order to justify why Enlightenment allows us to transcend our current system and cease the need for us to be here. We are a fragment of our Higher Self. This explains how and why we as human beings experience some form of Death. Fragments experience Life and Death every single day, where it is truly impossible for an original soul to die. We are conscious fragments interacting with our environment down here, and when our fragment dies we collate all of our experiences back with our Higher Self.

I have just stumbled across what may be one of the most controversial elements of human society. Laws were introduced based upon the premise that man does not have the necessary maturity and social function to maintain the equilibrium of existence within our current form of consciousness. We have strict laws on Earth that completely condemns the murder and manslaughter or any other form of unnatural or premeditated Death. If you were to contemplate what our Higher Self may feel when one of its fragments dies, it would be like asking Gaia if she cries when a tree in one of her forests dies. Our Higher Self incarnates thousands of lifetimes just in the 3rd Dimension alone, not even mentioning the 2nd Dimension of plants/animals/insects where tens of thousands of lives were justified for the sole purpose of Dimensional evolvement for that of a single soul. How many billions of lives were used to effectively create our current reality is beyond belief. If we lived in an Enlightened community, laws would become meaningless; not because we as Enlightened individuals could transcend them, but because there would truly be no authority to enforce a law that doesn't exist beyond the veils of human perception.

Please refer to the following graph that depicts the process of achieving realization to unify with our Higher Self to achieve Enlightenment.

Once our Higher Self allows us to achieve Enlightenment, we take aboard all of the memories and experiences of our past lives in that of a singular consciousness, and then move forwards with the weight of thousands of lifetimes creating the foundation of our spiritual maturity. Our Higher Self becomes nothing more than a completing element as part of our soul complex and we then progress forwards in a new state that does not require us to reincarnate in short bursts of lives, but instead take longer continuous streams of life in energetic form.

The true question remains as to what we even do as Universal Enlightened Beings who no longer need the system of reincarnation. Our Higher Self certainly finds interest in progressing us up to the point of realization. If our Soul is just a realizing fragment, it rises a thought as to the entire point of life if our Higher Self is already within an Enlightened State. The answer to this question lies within the very reason for why our Universe exists at all. We are all already manifestations of Unconditional Love floating within the most ecstatic fields of energy as God, yet here we are within a Universe-- going through the motions of daily life as an incomplete soul. The irony of the situation is perfectly encapsulated within the premise that all we have to do is completely realize what we are doing in order to wake up from our level of reality. We are finding Unconditional Love in trillions of ways for no other reason than our Creator is creating other Creators, because that is what Creators do. Our Higher Self simply exists because such a mechanism allows us to perform this function with greater clarity and more coherence than if a single soul was to try and track its way through the sea of consciousness without any guidance at all. It could just be that we are fascinated by the thousands of lives creating beauty and chaos in the most profoundly resonating corner of the Universe.

Every single answer short of the ultimate truth is by far more beautiful and much more personally satisfying to the humble Universal inhabitant. Some of us were born to live while others were born to die. We progress through the Galaxies as glowing lights within the Universe, interacting with each other in hopes of one day remembering who we are. We will achieve our Enlightenment in the most fascinating and unusual way; re-traceable a completely accountable for when the new Universal cycle begins once again. Even Enlightened as we may be, the power of the Universe still draws us in and captures our imagination for another spiritual journey. The Universe is indeed the home of the incomplete soul.
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